The next portal quickly followed to the right

of the main "Enter" door which was now.....

"The Connection to the Book Walk"

At this point a joint decision was made

in the Catwalk construction

to fabricate openings

and connect the skyway system.

So after breaking into the adjacent hallway, 

another catwalk was made and 

"The Nest"

was born!

Introducing " The Choco-Lettes "

Cat Fun

Taking Walks

Besides all this indoor fun, the Choco-Lettes also like taking walks 


"Book Walk"

now had an entry from the hallway

running down the full length of

the Living room to

another opening to the far left.

Leading to?????

"The Hanging Bridge" of course.

What did you expect??

Needless to say.......

The “Choco-Lettes are some pretty lucky cats,
and we are ever so happy and honored to be able to serve them.

At this point in time there are over

One Hundred and Forty Feet of sky highway for these felines to frolick on.

We’ll be updating the world of the Choco-Lettes periodically,
so don’t hesitate to stop by.

Hope you enjoyed

The Choco-Lette show.

Thanks for taking a look!




quickly had to be added 

to keep up with their demand.



That all led to

the "Slide"

on the other side of the room

for another diverse

entry and exit strategy

on this skyway madness


Things then progressed

to another alternative

entry and exit ramp.


With added sisal rope ramps....

The KITCHEN and the HALLWAY Playground

It all started out ever so innocently

in the kitchen with




Speaking of the Bathroom?

The Choco-Lettes have been well trained.

They do not have any dirty Litter Boxes to contend with.

They are both happily toilet trained.

And their Hoomans are ever so very proud!

The "Beam Me Up" walk

also known as the "Beam Walk"

was a no brainer.

It just had to be done.

It runs parallel in our living room

to a huge window facing

the front of the house.

A place to watch all the

comings and goings from up high.

A Choco-Lette Delight

Yes it has........ And it's Puuuuuurfect!



The Choco-Lettes were starting to get into Literature,

so the Bookshelf Gym was installed.

Then the catwalks started to materialize...

Thanks to some beautiful wooden wine crates that were on their way to the dumpster.

The BATHROOM sneak a peek Ledge


"Hanging Bridge"

was taking it now to whole different level

And last but not least?

Here are some of the GAMES that The Choc-Lettes like to play

This is the entry door to the Bathroom,

which leads in from the hallway

Now our furry Choco-Lettes 

may show up at any given moment

​to see what we're up to.

Most Recent......

The Beam walk has now been expanded.

The living room is now a complete curcuit and another "Nest" has been installed due to popular demand!

Helping Paws

Which from there led to the "DOUBLE Slides" 

for another circuit. Need I say any more?

And No.... They are not trained to ride the bike..... Yet!!


A Surprise

(if you wound up scrolling to the right)

Greetings to all the cat lovers of the world!
For those fans of mine who may have been wondering where my newest creations are lately??
They have taken a bit of a diversion.
I have recently detoured my creativity into another dimension due to some wonderful new additions in my life.


The “Choco-lettes”

Two very lucky Chocolate Burmese girls living large here in their present life.
All due to my mission of building them the ultimate crazy cat house.

Catwalks and hideaways to satisfy their every whim and fancy and some zany STAR artwork to enjoy it along the way.

As always, just like my art pieces, the majority of the materials used for this undertaking
are recycled/reclaimed wood and have been rescued on the way to their demise by yours truly.

This is an on-going project that is way more fun than one could ever possibly imagine.

I’ll be updating the visuals as things progress and I do hope you’ll join me for the ride here on my site.

Feel free to send me your comments. Just click on the STAR

Most of my art that you see here is for sale and the proceeds go mostly to keep the Choco-lettes happy.

The Art is available through my Etsy website. It can be accessed by clicking on the  Etsy Logo here

Sending inspiration out there to all cat lovers.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!