The items and components I select are very often associated with 

a past culture, icon, or memorabilia. With a wide range of objects, mediums, 

and textures, every individual item presents its own unique challenges as to

its supporting role in the finished project. 

The excitement of transforming these fun objects is that I rarely know what

the final piece will look like until I'm actually finished. The projects seem

to have a mind of their own. A single object often leads to the next adventure

and every project always brings new excitement.

When inspiration hits me, it evolves quickly.

It's very much like a dance searching through the

found objects placing, moving, shifting them 

until all things feel good. This matchmaking dance can go on

for hours, days, or months. 


S.T.A.R. Art

(Star's Things Altered & Recycled)

At times, I will just leave things lying together, looking at them from time to time making sure they all happily get along.

Then comes that magical moment when the objects resonate in complete harmony and are completely

attuned with one another. From there, things quickly move forward,

get assembled, and start a new life as an original piece of art.

I truly enjoy creating these colorful mixed media collages, assemblages, altered art, recycled art,

altered game boards, or anything else that has to do with creative recycling.

If my artwork has brightened up your day or put a smile on your face, then I have achieved my goal.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art and I thank you for stopping by.


Creating and Living in New York

I have long since been a true advocate of creative recycling

and its transformation into a piece of art.

The objects I seek out have been discarded, abandoned, or perhaps they may have outlived their usefulness. These objects that I find or rather that seem to "find me",  have souls and personalities of their own. I often feel they are seeking a medium to help reincarnate them into a new life with a new purpose.

Though some of these objects and pieces may come to me a bit damaged, worn, tired, or simply confused as to where they fit in the present universe, I eventually find a way of highlighting their best qualities and integrating them into a new piece of original art.